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Jane's Story... A young girl's promise to God.


I was raised in a Christian home, and at the age of seven, became a born-again Christian. This was a very real experience for me, one that I can remember in detail even forty-plus years later. When I was five, I knew that I had a special God-given talent. I was taught by my parents that everyone has talents...some people are great teachers, some great cooks (I'm not!), some great writers, and so on. My greatest talent was in the field of art. I was taught that God gave me talent. I believed it then and continue to believe it to this day.

Being active in my church youth group and in Young Life as a teenager is probably the reason I am still very supportive of organized church youth groups and also of Young Life. During my junior or senior year in high school, while attending a youth revival, I made a very important promise to God, a decision that would change my life many years later. My promise was that at some time in my lifetime I would do something using my artistic talent that would be totally dedicated to Him.


Twenty-nine years later my promise began to be fulfilled. In August 1993, after years as a graphic artist and now a jewelry designer, I was sitting in my very tiny studio, located in a neighborhood dental building, trying to design a butterfly pin. The more I tried to make that pin look like a butterfly, the more it looked like an angel! At that time, angels were something you put on top of a Christmas tree, saw on beautiful Christmas cards, and sang about in Christmas songs. I knew that God created angels to be messengers to us and to protect us when He deemed it necessary. But "Lord, this is August and people don't think about angels in August!" It soon became apparent to me that the Lord was calling me to design these angel pins for people to use as a tool in sharing their Christian faith with other people. I took an incredible leap of faith when I felt that the Lord was leading me to do this on a large scale, nationwide, and yet to keep it personal and humble. The only way to keep it this personal was through a heart-to-heart sale or contact which would make it possible for many, many people to share their faith and have added income as well.


My prayer and my mission are to continue to listen to God's call and to follow His leading as He guides me in the development of all the products which I design. I feel a close responsibility to God, the Great Designer, to keep these products as unique as I possibly can.

Each design is extremely special to me because each has made my faith walk with God much closer and sweeter, giving me a tool with which to convey my love for and dependence upon my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This is my prayer and this is my mission. God is in control.


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